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  • ©Fair Use. Many of us in the journalist trenches borrow liberally. When the L.A. Times wants seventy-five bucks to post a column of theirs, something's wrong. Pacifist Nation considers itself to be ethical, but then qualifies the term with other terms such as "relative" and "situational". What is a conscientious person to do? Well, along come the folks @ Common Dreams and the world is new once more. All those who wish to use copyrighted material responsibly, judiciously, with respect towards the author(s) for the purpose of furthering the cause of peace, social & economic justice, human, civil, women's & indigenous rights and the environment (did I leave anything out?), take note. This has been a public service of Pacifist Nation and Common Dreams.

    Learning to Love Big Brother is the task set before us by the Grand Orwellian Dubya.  We all talk about our descent, since September 11, into Dubya's Cowardly New World (which lacks the courage to acknowledge it's own national sins), but I've not heard it so succinctly articulated by Mr. Kurtzman of the S.F. Chron (sorry I couldn't also provide you with Bill Russell's wonderful accompanying illustration.)  By whatever means, from letter-writing to nonviolent resistance to political action, it is more imperative than ever to Question Authority!
  • Let freedom ring! On September 30, 1999 the great City of Philadelphia passed a resolution calling for the closing of the School of the Americas. Read it and weep in memory of all those hundreds of innocent Latin Americans tortured and slaughtered by the (insigficant–by SOA standards) 5% of the SOA graduates. Read of the declassified manuals advocating the use of torture, execution and false imprisonment published courtesy of our Democracy for a Free World tax dollars at work. Yo, Philly, way t' go! So where's your city?

  • The Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem, – putting it in perspective – this pacifist's viewpoint. My political orientation had never been questioned by a complete stranger until I so thoroughly confused a fellow while explaining the origin of the poem by Francis Scott Key. He must have looked at the long hair, beard and earring, maybe wondered about the tux (my costume for the gig), then heard me waxing sentimental about Old Glory, and so queried in a puzzled tone, "So you must be a conservative, or what?" I immediately proffered my liberal credentials, but that question mark never vacated the rear of his eyeball. Hey, folks, I'm a mixed bag. So let me give you a bit of history...."

  • Madonna and Child. A picture of such serenity and nurturing. But suppose the madonna is an Arab and her child is dying of starvation and disease, a condition brought on by Prez. Bush's launching his "1000 Points of Light" at the ancient cradle of civilization. What horrors we perpetrate in the name of "national security", "democracy", and (get this!), "humanitarianism." I was horrified by Bush's actions and, to my dismay, was unable to counter rationales for this act of genocide presented to me by an intelligent, caring friend of mine because of the load of equestrianmanure the media was dumping on a bemused public. I was bemused (look up that word in the dictionary – a lot of professional writers misuse it.) I was not amused. Read this one and weep. Then do something the hell about it.

  • And speaking of human rights, why is it that even peaceniks occasionally overcome their reluctance to blow things up? Why did so many "liberals" support our little incursion into Kosovo? It's just amazing how a little mis- & dis-information will sucker so many of us into our own wrong-headedness. Read this little piece I received through the E-mail and think a little harder the next time the "[raging] liberal press" attempts to serve you yet another demon head-on-a-plate!

  • Do you agree that human rights must be universal for there to be a just world? Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and then, if your country (such as the United States) is not a signatory urge that it become one!

  •   [Posted on 9/20/2K] REDALERT!RED ALERT!REDALERT!REDALERT! (Speaking of Godless, atheistic Communists ....) Pacifist Nation frowns upon Cuba-bashing. Castro has no more blood on his hands than Reagan, Bush and (heresy of heresies) Clinton, from the prosecution of the wars against the people of Nicaragua and El Salvador to the 5000 infants under the age of five (the U.N.'s own figures and I have personally had them verified) who die each and every month as a result of our destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure and the U.N.-imposed, U.S.-directed sanctions. So we have little patience with little people who are in such a snit over Castro's kicking U.S. companies (and the Mafia) out of Cuba that we must wage an economic war against the innocent Cuban people. Anyway, here's a link to one of many great organizations that are trying to bring sanity and reason (not to mention compassion) to this ugly scene. Check 'em out. And will somebody please explain to me the virtue of being dead over being red. After all, all the Communists ever did in this country was try to help the working people. And if you can't make the distinction between Stalinism (as in Nazism) and American, philosophical Communism (as in labor movement) then please learn some history, then get back to us and we'll talk.

  • As we approach the November election Pacifist Nation faces a fundamental choice: Nader or Gore? and PacNat is definitely leaning toward the left, no surprise there. My dear friend John is dismayed at the progressives failing to support the Democrats. The single strongest argument if favor of Gore is the contemplation of four (or even, horrors!, eight) years of Dubaya. Sad to say, it's the Democratic Party that is deserting us. Nader speaks of Labor, rather than saying, “You cannot win this election without us,” wimping out, licking the Donkey's hooves in fawning gratitude for whatever scraps they deign to leave us, and for not selling them out too badly (define ‘too badly’.) We blindly accept whatever evil the DNP promulgates because we hate the other guy worse. Any wonder we get no respect from our own Party. We don't deserve it! Perhaps we need to sacrifice our dear nation to the Hounds of Hell for four years and send the Donk a message: Better Green than mean! Read the Green Part Platform and decide for yourself.

  • This is just a place marker. I have another rant in the works & it's a corker! Stay tuned. Meanwhile, visit your Mother.

  • As the world turns, there are many excellent groups trying to make it a nicer place. Here are a handful of my family's faves. Please enjoy browsing!

  • It's the Y2K & Aren't you just a bit tired of that nonsense by now? Not I! Herein you will find a Modest Proposal on how to rectify what Dennis the Diminutive bollixed up–for The One and True Christian Calendar. Math Phreaks, get out your calculators (or slide rules if you're my age) and proof my theorem if you dare!

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