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  • Some of you may have come to Pacifist Nation from PeaceHost provides a foundation for all my Websites, serving as a hosting domain and a directory for peace and social justice organizations throughout the World Wide Web. It's a tremendously exciting venture. It is my Web and I cherish and nourish it.


  • Just who is this masked man? Allow me to introduce myself.

  • Would you like to know what Pacifist Nation is all about, or else gather some ammo so you can virulently disagree with me? If you think you're the Minotaur, here's your Thesis.

  • Social justice junkies, meet my folks, two originals: their modest Life & Times should be required reading for anyone desirous of being counted among the "Usual Suspects."

  • Consider the yin & the yang, if you will. They both need each other, lest the universe be out of balance. So it is with the conservative and the radical. Heretical it may sound, I believe we need each other. I wrote this little note for the introduction of my mother's book on Puerto Rican independence. It is so vital that we listen to each other. Check it out.

  • “Holy Cow!” First a cat, then a family of mice arrive at the Pearly Gates. All led exemplary lives, God asks what She can do for them. The cat had lived in poverty; the mice had lived in fear. The cat was given a luxurious pillow on which to dream catnip dreams; the mice, roller skates to keep several steps ahead of their tormentors. All appeared happy.  Then God stopped by the cat's place to see how he was doing. “Most comfortable pillow I ever could have imagined – but I particularly love those ‘meals on wheels’ you keep sending by!”  Yes, Pacifist Nation does indeed have a sense of humor but, jokes about slaughtering the poor, defenseless lettuce aside, Pacifist Nation is a “Vegetarian Nation!”. The cow pictured here died for your sins, or do you really believe that hamburger patties grow in vegetable patches? Read this thought-provoking piece by writer, Alison Green. and re-examine the phrase, “life is sacred”.

  • With the passage of Proposition 22 and in the wake of Super Tuesday, 2K I am both saddened and angered. There are two bases for the definition of marriage: secular (biological) or sacred (biblical.) As it becomes increasingly clear that one's sexual orientation is the former, the only justification for the stricture of the Knight Initiative is one which leads to the civil codification of biblical canon (Supreme Court, here we come!) Do we want to go there, or does separation of church and state still mean something? Please click on the pink triangle to read Pacifist Nation's Defense of Marriage.

  • Curious about the PacifistNation Logo (the "PN sign")", what the design means and how it relates to what's known as the "peace sign"? And do you think you really knew what it meant? Check it out and learn something!