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My friends, Namaste.

As of now I have not developed this Web site. But I've an idea....

As the Tour de France  is in full swing [as of this writing, 16 July, 2001] let us turn our minds to the gorgeous Marin County coast, between Muir and Stinson Beaches. A “Tour de Muir”? Hmmm.....

Keep checking here from time to time. First I call the Marin C of C, check in with some Marin cycling clubs, hit up Working Assets for sponsorship.... I think that Ole J.M. would have heartily endorsed the Nature Conservancy, so we may make them the beneficiary of the profits from the Tour. And, how about hitting up some ecology-minded cosmetics company to donate the designing of two new fragrances: "John Muir for Men" and "de Muir for Women". The ball's rolling, folks. Stay tuned!

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