“June 11, 2001

    “Dear Daniel Zwickel,

    On behalf of the Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund, I am pleased to enclose ....”

               Thus began a letter from Gary Wolff of the Fund.   I heard about the fund through one of my Web sites and needed a hard drive (I decided on a Zip Drive instead for its versatility) and so applied for a grant.  I was totally amazed and humbled when I received word that it was awarded to me.  Consider the company I am in.   Grants totaling $2,400 were awarded to seven groups and individuals:

      *   American Friends Service Committee - U.S. Mexico Border Program (provides assistance to immigrants and the poor in the border vicinity.)
      *   Women’s Empowerment Network – Friends of Dorothy Granada (clinic and women’s service center in Nicaragua.)
      *   NWTRCC - National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (resource and organizing assitance to the war tax resistance movement.)
      *   The Nuclear Resister (anti-nuclear newsletter of activism information and support for imprisoned activists.)
      *   Peace Guides (distribution of "counter-recruitment" materials to high school students, and efforts to remove militarism -- such as JROTC -- from the schools.)
      *   The Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research (records, resources, archives of organizations and individuals invloved in social issues and campaigns.)
      *   Daniel Zwickel (for assistance to the web support he provides to many peace and social service projects.)

                 So PeaceHost.net is now an award-winning Web hosting service!   My deepest thanks to the Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund for their generous support of my modest efforts.

    “... Your readers may share our satisfaction that some funds have been refused and redirected from the war system to peace, equality, and social benefit.... Our very good wishes for your continued work. Gary A. Wolff, Treasurer”

P.O. Box 741537, Los Angeles, California 90004
         (310) 442-9982 or (626) 359-0255