Praise for the 360s

I made a point to listen more acutely to the 360s performance today. I have absolutely no constructive criticism! I can’t even dig deep to find anything wrong, The band is great. You guys do a lot of harmonies and they are just beautiful. I also noticed the perfection of the 360s renditions of the songs you played. Every note, the  harmonies, and tempos were right on. A boyfriend I had at one time, who was an accomplished musician, was rehearsing for a performance, and told me how important it was that every note, etc. needed to be exactly as he had performed it in his recordings, because that is what the audience wants and is expecting to hear.  If something is different, it throws the audience  off and can be disappointing to them. So this is what the 360s have accomplished, your performance of the songs is spot on. I think it’s fine if  bands sometimes spin off with their own renditions of known songs, however, in the case of the 360s I think what you’re doing is better, because these are songs that we have loved since we were young and that take us back into that space and time, so if you change the style, something would be mismatched!

So enough of my rambling here, just thank you for offering all your gifts to the world. You do a lot to lift us up, which we all need so much more now than ever.

— “A Fan”

We live in troubled and tortuously confusing times. We’ll need to bring forward our best analytic skills for reflective and anticipatory pattern recognition. To do so effectively we need to balance the strains and stresses in our lives with the joys that come from community and music. The 360s provide both the music and the community; simultaneously and spontaneously. They came into existence because of lockdowns and have emerged as a lasting legacy and gift.

Here are just a few of the words that describe both the music and the community they have coalesced: harmonious, friendly, conscious, inspiring, generous, encouraging, clever, fun-loving, talented, spiritual, impressive, adventurous, skillful, broad-based, grounded, and, yes, often dazzling. Their creative talents include faithful renditions of folk, rock & roll, and other much-loved songs from our past … plus occasional original works that will amaze you.
— A fellow sojourner